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another trick
-define long term trend
use 5 minute charts
add to your chart: MACD 30,60,30 and MACD 12,26,5
Go long if (reverse for short):
-long term trend is up
-macd 30,60,30 is above 0
-macd 12,26,5 was below zero
-after first break of macd12,26,5 above zero buy next candle at the open
-STOP at the lowes low of the last 4 candles
-CLOSE half of position at break even
-Trail the STOP on remaining contracts or exit at 3x risk


some are saying if you want to make money buy high and sell higer, other buy low and sell higher
so f0ck them, you took your life in your hands and decided to be an investor, but you don’t like just to buy low and sell higer because maybe the trend is not bullish
trade only stocks
only daily charts
only buy side
use bb365,2
if last days where below lower bb
buy today if:
yesterday was an bullish day and the close was above lower bb, and actual price is higher than yesterday high
STOP yesterday low
Trail the stop/exit when price hits the higher bb or exit after 1 year of hold like buffet for all your life.


rick for stocks and indices
play only long side
use 15,30 or 1h charts
for the sanity of your account define some rules to reduce trading freqvency like trade stocks that are only 60usd or more, and only if mediu/long term trend is bullish, etc.
go long if price breaks the high of last candle
and the close and open of the last candle were outside the lower bb band.
stop last low
close trade after 5 days or trail the stop.


An object at rest will remain at rest unless acted on by an unbalanced force. An object in motion continues in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.
use daily charts
trade only the 8 majors forex pairs, commodities and indicies.
buy today at open if las 3 days were bullish days
stop lowest low in the last 3 days
close half position an break even
close remaining position at the open after 3 bearish days and go short.


trick for company recently listed on stock exchange
trade only long side
trade only after the first 3 or 5 days after company was listed (in this days it was enough trading that price to get a proper structure,granuality and volatility)
take the signals made only in the first 10 or 15 days after the first rule
use 5,10,15 or 30 min charts
search for cup pattern or someting similar like an u
if price breaks trouch the high of the pattern and adx is higher than 40 go long
set stop (see on chart i don’t know to explain it in english)
if trade profitable trail the stop/exit after 5 to 10 days
im very shure that some of you know this pattern but the trick i discovered was the place of stop loss to have smaller loss than most traders and in effect an larger reward.
please don’t trade penny stocks using this pattern


trick for stocks only
use daily charts only
you can trade this setup as it is, whihout defining the trend (you don’t find this pattern every day) but with proper risk management.
be patient it;s an 3 days setup
for long (reverse for sell)
if today price opened with an upward gap and closed bullish wait for next day candle
if the second candle makes a low that is filling the yesterday gap then buy tomorow at the break of yesterday high
stop at yesterday low


forex, stocks etc.
daily charts
for long (reverse for short)
buy today at market open if yesterday was an bullish day and the day before yesterady was an bullish outside day
stop at the low of outside day


the 30% rule
it’s nice because it’s based on the volatility of market traded
trade forex, stocks, commodities etc
only daily charts
define long term trend (go long only in uptrend/sell for downtrend)
for long
long term trend is bullish
wait for a pullback/retrace in trend
the retrace is defined as: at least 2 days in opposite directions (2 bearish days in this case with lowe high and lower lows). personaly i look only for retraces that have 3 days opposite candlles or more
i sum up last 3 bearish days volatility
then i calculate what it’s 30% of the sum
then i go long tomorow if actual price is 30% higher from the open
i place the stop below the open price of today minus the 30%
i’m realy bad at math an explaining things, hope the picture explain it better
close trade when trend change or trail the stop


the simplest one
trade all asset clases be aware of corellations
use only weekly chart with sma40
buy (reverse for sell) next week if last week close price was above sma40, but only if actual price is 10% or 20% higher from last week high (this way you will skip some false signals)
stop at last week low minus 10% or 20% from last week range


trick for all market
trade only daily charts or define long term trend and add possitions in the direction of long term trend using charts like 30 min,1h etc.
if today was an bullish outside day and yesterday was an pin bar then buy tomorow at maket open (reverse for sell)
stop at outside day low
trail the stop


si pentru prostanacii care cred ca numerle fibonacci guverneaza pietele financiare
all markets
daily charts or define long term trend and buy only in an uptrend and sell in down trends
for long (reverse for sell)
after an bullish mother candle we need at least 2 inside bars that will be in the range of the mother candle
after the inside bar an outside bar appers
the outside bar needs to be also bullish
go long tomorow at market open
(ffor short mother candle and outside bar should be bearish days)
stop low of the outside day
trail the stop

the pic is from gold at the begining of 2011 and in the same time the pattern abolishes trading systems based on fibonacci moving averages numbers. (if you apply 21 ma to the gold chart you will see that the ma generated also an buy signal ) but markets are moved by capital not some bogus fibonacci numbers


Teoria e frumoasa. Dar practica ne mananca. Asa ca, ce rezultate ai?


sa mai si zambim putin
soros: “hmm…nice bubble we have here”
druckenmiller: " i think we need to close the trade, we have enough profit on this one"
soros: “it’s a bubble you moron, we buy more using market money, i will make this bubble bigger”
rezultatele sunt satisfactoare, ca la scoala


i call this trick bishop run (its an really nice concept, and i’m sure some traders use it but i don’t tink you will find it over internet)
all markets
only daily charts
define long term trend
only buy in uptrends / sell in downtrends
for buy (reverse for sell)
if actual trend its bullish, and today high was the highest high in 3 days,today low was less than the lowest low in 3 days and the day closed bullish then buy tomorow at market open
stop at lowest low or set stop at the low of signal candle
trail the stop


when you find a bubble, but you are dead sure its a bubble, then money are staing in a corner just that someone to pick them up.
it’s relativly simple, you buy in a bubble if price is going up and you go short if its going down.



alte 2 patternuri interesante


un simulator monte carlo, simplu de utilizatMonte Carlo Simulator.rar (2.8 MB)


mpterm2008.xls (442 KB)


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