Dezbateri pe teme fundamentale

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There may be a rate hike around the next bend in the calendar after all. Or maybe not. Like the possibility of rain next Tuesday or peace in the Middle East over the next 50 years, you can’t rule anything out. Ruling it in isn’t a slam-dunk, but today’s lineup of Fed officials on the media-go-round want you to know that tighter monetary policy before the year is out isn’t impossible.

Adica, stam la panda. Caderea dolarului este probabila asa cum este si urcarea. :smiley:




Daca eliminam razboiul nuclear din ecuatie, pana Joia ce vine, cand nea Mario mai are ceva de zis, Euro se poate aseza pe 1.15. Prima sedinta FED e pe 28 Oct. Pana atunci, in functie si de Mario, Euro trebuie sa termine miscarea asta. Ca e 1.15 ca e 1,125 nu stiu dar daca nici pe 28 Oct. nu avem Lift Off, ramane tot de 1.15 sau mai sus pentru 15 Decembrie. De atunci in colo Globul de Cristal e mat, nu se mai vede nimic in el. In schimb, daca Mario se supara saptamana viitoare, sa vezi ce-mi sparge globuletul.


Sansele pentru Lift Off la Dolar anul asta chiar cu cateva anunturi saptamana asta mai caldute, sunt mici. Ramane Martie 2016 si nici atunci nu e clar.

Saptamana viitoare e Mario. Daca nu se supara ca pleaca euro la deal, 1.1280 mi se pare cel mai bun loc de buy de Joi la pranz. pentru inca un drum la 1.15

Decembrie Euro 1.1750 dar cel mai tare cred ca o sa se duca Jenul. 115 primul stop.


Ramane buy


Jen ul are probleme. Daca vine cu infuzie iar Kuroda…


M-am luat cu Merlotul si uite ce-a iesit. In loc de deal o luam la vale. Ciudat, pentru ca a promis ca baga banu’ dar nu a facut-o de data asta. E clar ca e in Decembrie. Cred ca mai mult a influentat somaju pe SUA. Miscarea a fost rapida si duce departe.Daca tine asa, nu stiu ce facem in Decembrie, tot la vale?
Trebuia sa fac vin si anul asta dar m-am lenevit, asa ca-i dau cu merlot din comert. Hai noroc!


Una buna de la Reuters, asa sa ne frecam ridichea.



As one day shocks go, the market reaction to the ECB’s announcements on Thursday was very dramatic. The 4.5 per cent intraday reversal in the dollar/euro exchange rate was the largest since 2009, and the combined drop in equities, bonds and the dollar has been described as the most severe since 1999.

… ECB Vice President Vitor Constancio blamed the markets for “over hyping” the ECB’s recent guidance, which may be true to some extent. Strictly interpreted, Mr Draghi’s specific words (analysed here) did not mislead investors.


Brent la 43.40 target saptamana asta. Cine se baga?


NZD - the star of today? Rate Cut …




“There’s a good chance if Deutsche Bank were to go under there would be a series of bail-ins that would affect not just the German economy and the German financial system, but the entire European financial system as well,” said Megan Greene, chief economist at Manulife Asset Management. As a result, “you could end up seeing leaders decide they’re not going to comply with bail-in rules,” she said.